Although the exact mechanism of action of ethionamide is unknown, it may inhibit the synthesis of mycolic acid, a saturated fatty acid found in the bacterial cell wall, thereby inhibiting bacterial cell wall synthesis.

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ether anaesthesicus, 3, 128 ethinylestradiol, 2, 121 ethinylestradiol rs, 2, 297 ethinylestradiolum, 2, 121 ethionamide, 3, 129 ethionamide rs, 3, 350 ethionamidum, 3, 129 ethosuximide, 2, 123; 3, ethosuximide rs, 2, 297 ethosuximidum, 2, 123; 3, ethyl acetate r, 1, 180 ethyl alcohol, see ethanol ethyl aminobenzoate, see benzocaine ethyl hydroxybenzoate, 4, 170 ethyl iodide r, 2, 298 ethylcellulose, 4, 169 ethylcellulosum, 4, 169 ethylenediamine r, 2, 298 ethylene glycol monoethyl ether r, 1, 180 ethylene glycol monomethyl ether r, 3, 350 ethylene oxide r, ts, 5, 244 stock solution r, 5, 244 ethylis hydroxybenzoas, 4, 170 ethylmethylketone r, 2, 298 ethylparaben, see ethyl hydroxybenzoate 1-ethylquinaldinium iodide r, 15 g l ; ts, 5, 245 etoposide, 5, 92 etoposide rs, 5, 245 etoposidum, 5, 92 examination in ultraviolet light, 2, 12; 4, excipients, monographs for 4, 105; 5, exposure to ionizing radiation, 4, 21 extended-release capsules, 4, 35 tablets, 4, 31 extractable volume for parenteral preparations, test for, 5, 27 ferrous sulfate, 2, 125 ferrous sulfate r, 15 g l ; ts, 1, 180; 7 g l ; ts, 4, 299; 0.

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Table 2010-2015 company d ethionamide product capacity, production, and production value etc.

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